Introducing Schedule Picker

We recently revamped our schedule picking. After lots of feedback from users, we decided to simplify how you pick a schedule for your cron job. Originally we used the linux cron syntax (and we still do in the backend) but we've decided to simplify it from a user perspective. Check it out below. »
Matthew Reid Matt on cron

How to Launch a Startup - Part 4

Adora Cheung (of now defunct HomeJoy) talks about techniques for building and growing a product. Readers of The Lean Startup will be familiar with most of these techniques but there are some valuable lessons listed here. »
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How to Launch a Startup - Part 3

Paul Graham gives a brilliant and funny guest lecture. Paul discusses what happens before a startup. How do you come up with ideas? What should you study at college and who should you hire? Paul answers all these questions and gives very important advice to founders you and old. »
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How to Launch a Startup - Part 2

This lecture discusses choosing a co-founder, how important it is to choose wisely and why co-founders should be like James Bond. Sam also discusses how not to hire employees despite how tempting it seems. »
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How to Launch a Startup - Part 1

Starting your own Startup is a daunting but exciting task. Luckily, there are plenty of people before you who've done it all and build **billion dollar** businesses in the process. Sam Altman is one of those guys, he quit college to start his own company and then launched YCombinator, one of the worlds best known accelerators of the back of it. »
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Introducing Alarms

We just launched a brand new feature, cron alarms and they are pretty freaking awesome. »
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Retention is the key

It seems to be the only thing that web millionaire wanna-be’s care about is growth. It’s true that growth matters but it isn’t always obvious how you can grow a business without either sooner or later imploding it by running out of funds or what to do when growth inevitably plateaus. »
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